Embrace iPhone's NameDrop — Jason Michael Perry

I’m a bit of an oddball, constantly running beta versions of iOS (and Android) year-round. So, when the latest release hits, the new features are old news to me. However, every now and then, something I’ve been using nonchalantly catches me off guard—in this case, Apple’s new NameDrop feature, which I happen to love.

NameDrop lets you effortlessly share your contact information with another iPhone by bringing two unlocked phones in close proximity. It’s a far superior alternative to the awkward dance of scanning each other’s LinkedIn QR codes at a networking event. You have control over how much information you share, allowing you to conceal personal emails or phone numbers. Plus, you can even choose a poster screen or a picture to represent yourself.

Interestingly, some police departments got a bit jittery about the idea of strangers getting hold of your personal details, but truth be told, it’s quite safe and not much different from exchanging a business card. If the paranoia still lingers, the linked article provides details on how to turn it off.

Give it a shot, especially if you often find yourself out and about, navigating the networking scene.