Your Fractional Chief AI Officer — Jason Michael Perry

With over a decade of experience as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and his recent tenure as AI Czar, Jason Michael Perry has a proven track record of driving innovation across industries. Jason Michael Perry is your go-to fractional Chief AI Officer (CAIO) & CTO for navigating the complex landscape of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. He recently spearheaded the groundbreaking “AI in A Minor” event, where his team composed AI music played by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, showcasing the potential of artificial intelligence in the arts.

The JMP Advantage: Elevate Your Tech Strategy

As a seasoned technology executive and AI expert, Jason brings a unique set of skills and experiences to help organizations harness the power of AI and emerging technologies. With Jason as your fractional CAIO & CTO, you can expect:

  • Proven AI Expertise: Successfully implemented AI solutions for Fortune 50 companies and startups alike
  • Emerging Tech Mastery: Deep knowledge of robotics, AR/VR, blockchain, and IoT to drive innovation
  • Diverse Industry Experience: Tailored solutions for healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, and more
  • Strategic Vision: Comprehensive AI strategy development aligned with your business objectives
  • Ethical AI Leadership: Commitment to data protection, AI governance, and responsible AI deployment
  • Results-Driven Approach: Track record of delivering cost savings, efficiency gains, and enhanced customer experiences

Fractional Chief AI Officer Services

As your fractional CAIO, I’ll work closely with your team to identify opportunities for leveraging AI and other emerging technologies to drive business value. My services include:

  • AI Strategy Development: Defining the boundaries and ethical uses of AI within your organization, balancing the potential benefits with the need to protect human roles and manage financial responsibilities.
  • AI Model Selection and Training: Selecting AI models that handle safety and hallucinations effectively to avoid potential financial or reputational damage.
  • Data Preparation and Management: Ensuring strong data protection and security measures are in place to safeguard sensitive information like PII and proprietary data.
  • Multi-Model Approach Design: Leveraging the power of multiple AI models to achieve superior results and mitigate risks.
  • Emerging Tech Evaluation and Implementation: Assessing the potential of emerging technologies like robotics, AR/VR, blockchain, and IoT, and guiding their implementation to drive innovation.
  • Ethical AI Guidance: Developing and implementing ethical AI principles and practices to ensure responsible and trustworthy AI deployment.
  • AI Governance and Risk Management: Establishing a robust AI governance framework to manage risks, ensure compliance, and protect your organization’s reputation.
  • AI Talent Recruitment and Development: Attracting, hiring, and nurturing top AI talent to build a strong in-house AI team.
  • AI-Driven Process Optimization: Identifying opportunities to optimize processes and workflows through AI-driven automation and intelligent decision-making.
  • AI Innovation Workshops: Exploring diverse applications of AI across various departments and functions, such as marketing, HR, and customer service, to drive business value and efficiency.

Consulting Packages

  • Hourly T&M: Available for ad-hoc consulting at $250 per hour
  • Half-Day AI Strategy Session: Expert guidance on developing your AI strategy – $1,000
  • 2-Day AI Implementation Jump-Start: Hands-on support for implementing your first AI project – $4,000
  • 1-Week AI Transformation Roadmap: Comprehensive analysis and strategic roadmap for AI-driven transformation – $10,000 (15% discount)

Ready to Embark on Your AI Journey?

Don’t get left behind in the AI revolution. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Jason to explore how he can help you harness the power of AI and drive your organization’s success.