About — Jason Michael Perry

Jason Michael Perry is a seasoned technology executive and thought leader with over two decades of experience in the industry. As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Mindgrub Technologies, Jason led the charge in driving technological prowess and innovation for the company and its clients.

With a comprehensive range of expertise spanning emerging technologies like AI, robotics, and mixed reality, as well as traditional technologies such as web application development, mobile development, ERPs, and system integration, Jason consistently delivers cutting-edge solutions. He has a proven track record of success, having helped Fortune 50 companies release products on time, under budget, and with zero security defects. Jason has also led the development of industry-leading applications, including two #1 ranked utility apps by JD Power and the #1 municipal government website in the country.

Throughout his career, Jason has demonstrated his ability to navigate complex challenges and drive transformative results. He has helped legacy clients recover from ransomware attacks, led multiple ERP migration projects, and guided organizations through successful cloud migrations and agile transformations. His leadership extends to recruiting and structuring diverse teams of over 100 members, including engineers, business analysts, product managers, and IT professionals.

As a thought leader and educator, Jason has spent more than a decade teaching engineers and introducing them to new technologies. He shares his knowledge through writing curriculum, publishing technical books, and hosting a free weekly newsletter and workshops. Jason is also a seasoned public speaker, regularly presenting at industry events and conferences.

One of Jason’s most notable accomplishments is spearheading the groundbreaking event “AI in A Minor,” where his team composed AI music that was performed by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. This innovative collaboration showcased the potential of AI in the arts and set a new standard for the integration of technology and creativity.

Prior to his role at Mindgrub Technologies, Jason was a partner at a prominent web consulting firm based in New Orleans, where he successfully completed projects for notable clients such as Michael Jackson, the City of New Orleans, and Dillard University.

Jason’s vision, expertise, and passion continue to drive innovation and excellence in the technology landscape. As a fractional CTO, he brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to help organizations of all sizes navigate the complexities of the digital age and achieve their strategic objectives.

If you’re looking for a trusted technology partner to guide your organization through digital transformation, Jason Michael Perry is the fractional CTO you need.

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