What is happening at OpenAI‽ — Jason Michael Perry

Executives get the axe all the time, but these are usually very coordinated events with press releases, company all hands, and well-crafted letters to customers and partners. Open AI did none of that, leaving us all assuming the worst.

So far, we know Sam Altman, CEO and Co-founder, was fired on the same day Greg Brockman, the other co-founder and board member, resigned from the board. That could be because of a disagreement, but the OpenAI board felt it necessary to announce this 30 minutes before markets closed while giving its billion-dollar partner Microsoft only a 5-10-minute heads-up.

Maybe in a week or two, between leaks and insider journalist reports, we’ll have some idea, but this is a huge decision for a high-rolling start-up (even if it’s a non-profit) that has the entire world watching.  I hope the “crime” fits the punishment.

In the meantime, for those of us using OpenAI’s products, does this shake your confidence in the company? I’m personally cautious, but I want to know if this is due to more significant security, copyright, or privacy issues.