Can Apple's WWDC 2024 Redeem Siri? — Jason Michael Perry

This year will be the breakout for AI-powered digital assistants. While Alexa was amazing when first released, assistant evolution has been painfully slow—only handling structured commands rather than complex, contextual requests. But 2024 stands to change that as platforms integrate sophisticated generative AI.

Rumors suggest Apple will unveil show-stopping updates to Siri using generative AI at WWDC, and I would guess that the next iPhone blends custom silicon with privacy focused on-device small language models, that reach out to cloud large language models for more complex queries. A truly conversational Siri with deep access to your calendars, contact lists, HomeKit, and more would be something truly transformational – add in the ability for that same AI to move with you from iPhone, iPad, HomePod, and Mac and help you with content generation in your own voice in apps like email, Pages, and Numbers and you got a very powerful assistant.

The rumor also says Apple charges a subscription for these premium features which could be worth it if its a premium Siri deeply integrated into their app suite. But I gotta say a new monthly fee is the last thing I’m looking to add.