The wait for Humane’s pin is almost over — Jason Michael Perry

What a great scoop by the Verge! I’m sure we will get more details and videos when this thing launches today or next week, but this confirms many things.

Humane stands to be one of the first post cell phone devices with a shift from antiquated keyboards to voice input. The device is heavily integrated into its lead investor, Sam Altman’s, OpenAI tools and will heavily integrate features for building intelligent assistants demoed by OpenAI this week. The feature I’m most curious about is its ability to mimic you and respond to emails or text messages in your voice without you composing or writing a message.

If you know me, you know I can’t wait for a chance to test the device, and I imagine Humane is setting the stage for a new generation of post phone devices that stand to change how we work with computers.

Exciting times!