Keys? So last year — Jason Michael Perry

For my 2023 tech resolution, I was determined to free my pockets from the jingle-jangle of keys, and folks, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m now proudly keyless. I kicked things off by upgrading the locks on my house, opting for smart locks like Yale and Level+—they still play nice with a physical key but graciously respond to Apple’s Home Key, activated with a simple tap of my watch or phone.

The car key situation seemed like a tougher nut to crack, even with more cars embracing mobile app unlocking and Apple teasing limited car key support. But lo and behold, Tesla’s keyless control, automatically unlocking when I’m in close proximity, turned out to be the game-changer I needed.

Look ya’ll, it’s time to bid farewell to the era of keys. Digital keys aren’t just the future; they feel like the future, and when they do their thing, it’s downright magical. No more fumbling through pockets, bags, or purses—stroll up, and voila, it knows and unlocks. I’m eagerly anticipating the day when standardization lets all of us drop those stabby metal objects from our pockets. Bring on the digital key revolution!