Is Google just that good? — Jason Michael Perry

Four years ago, I switched to Duck Duck Go as my default search engine, and it does a fantastic job for 95% of my searches. For the last 5% of searches, I try Google, and I’m often surprised to find its results to be about the same and, in several cases, the overall Google experience to be much worse. 

Maybe I feel jaded by Google’s shift from clear, concise results to a revenue-focused devolution of its UX, with the upper third of search results covered in ads, tons of sponsored links, giant login boxes, and unhelpful shopping suggestions, but I find it hard to say Google is the truly superior product.

Your view may differ, but the heart of Mike Masnik’s article is how you would punish Google if it is found to be a search monopoly, especially if its fault is building a product that’s so good others can’t match it.