I think Meta might really get AI — Jason Michael Perry

If you missed it, Mark Zuckerberg dropped a few updates on AI to Instagram. 

I must say, Meta has pleasantly surprised me in 2023. After years of feeling like an overbearing data collector leveraging questionable tactics with a cool but niche VR subsidiary, Meta’s pivot toward AI suddenly aligned perfectly with its strengths.

Meta’s LLaMA-2 ranks among the top LLMs and is accessible for custom deployment beyond competitors’ walled gardens. Intriguing research into video generation AI like Emu, text-to-speech tools, and its impressive image generator rival competitors. And Meta’s social data riches provide unmatched real-world training data to drive strikingly conversational bots — I interviewed its sports expert Bru modeled after Tom Brady.

Mark Zuckerberg’s latest open-access AI comments make promises that could cement Meta as a uniquely collaborative player compared to increasingly closed systems like OpenAI and Anthropic’s Claude. Combined with its research in personal assistants and the surprisingly great object-detecting Ray-Ban glasses rollout, Meta seems poised to lay an AI foundation leading the next computing era.

A new age of ambient computing is hatching with Meta an exciting contender. Its next chapter could bring encouraging surprises benefiting both consumers and company, even if warranted user data concerns remain.

Check out his post on Instagram.

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