Has Google's AI Finally Hits Its Stride? — Jason Michael Perry

So, let’s cut to the chase. Google’s AI releases have been, well, a bit disappointing. Many thought they had cooked up something close to sentient AI, given all the data they’ve gulped up for Google Search. It set them up to be the ones to watch for a groundbreaking AI moment. But honestly, Bart hasn’t quite been living up to the hype—at least when sized up to the competition.

We’ve all been on our tiptoes for ‘Gemini,’ which has been hailed as the big breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for. Yet whispers of delay have been circulating. Then, out of nowhere, Google rolls out a preview of what has been in the works, and it’s a reminder that they’re in the AI game for the long haul, not just for quick wins.

Watch the video. For me, the real gem is what appears to be a multi-model design where several models play in tandem, stitching together responses with a common thread of understanding. It mirrors how we humans integrate our senses—sight, scent, hearing, touch, and taste—to form a singular, cohesive output.

I’m looking forward to seeing how ‘Gemeni boosts what we get out of Bart and how it shows up in the model garden for GCP (Google Cloud Platform). 

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